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STEAM Lab Solution

Encouraging children through technology


The best incentive to adventure our children in the technological, scientific and artistic world through technology

Parents seek a quality education and differentiated curriculum that allow their children access to good universities. Providing the right environment is essential for the retention of students, position in the school ranking and general reputation of the institution. RICOH STEAM Lab is part of this response.
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RICOH STEAM Lab - through a managed service

RICOH offers possibilities in STEAM Lab through 3 managed service lines:

  • Additive Manufacturing RICOH
  • RICOH Real Learning Modules
  • Educational devices RICOH

RICOH Additive Manufacturing

These are some of the industries that are beginning to be impacted by additive manufacturing technologies. The students need to prepare for this reality.

As one of the components of RICOH STEAM Lab, RICOH offers Additive Manufacturing in education through a managed service - that means the availability of the best 3D printing technologies to service the learning of the students of your institution.

    3D printed pieces colorful
    EDU card

    RICOH Real Learning Modules

    Practical learning is essential to stimulate curiosity and creativity in fundamental concepts of structural and mechanical engineering. The RICOH Real Learning Modules solution promotes fun and engaging teaching as one of the components of the RICOH STEAM Lab environment.

    ROK Blocks Mobile

    Basic skills teaching module for students who have had little or no experience with the building blocks game. It covers notions of spatial reasoning, logical reasoning, problem solving, fine motor development, among others. Recommended for school years 3 to 5.

    Robot Programmable Mobile

    Module that covers everything from the 3D drawing to the programming of the first robot. This more advanced module allows the student to start preparing for future careers in technology. Includes an introduction to design, robotic mechanisms and motions, rapid prototype, computational thinking, programming, interoperable robotics and interaction design. Recommended for school years 6 to 12.


    RICOH Educational Devices

    The RICOH educational devices represent one of the components of the RICOH STEAM Lab and are distinguished by their design and design. Designed and built specifically for education, they are reinforced for transportation and daily use by students, with one of the lowest incidences of industry failures.


    MOVE S201


    • Light and semi-rigid design, made to last:

              - Resistant to falls of up to 70 cm

              - IP52

    • Includes science kit - Thermo probe and micro lens
    • Micro - HDMI video output
    • Includes ikES educational software
    • Android 6.0.1

    SLIDE S201


    • Lightweight and semi-resistant design, made to last:

              - Resistant to falls of up to 70 cm

              - IP52

    • Dismountable device: easy transition between the tablet, booth, tent and notebook modes
    • Full-featured semi-rigid keyboard with touchpad
    • Includes science kit - Thermo probe and micro lens
    • Includes ikES educational software
    • Windows 10 Pro
    Young student on white chairs with laptop, books and bag
    Faculty using scanner

    Teacher training, classroom and remote

    This package is offered on 3 levels, ensuring adoption and use to deliver quality education with measurable results.

    Level 1

    Level 2
    Side dish

    Level 3

    Teacher training, classroom and remote

    1. State-of-the-art scientific standards
    2. Common Core
    3. Standards for basic technological knowledge